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M3M Atrium 57

M3M Atrium 57

Sector 57, Gurugram

1 Cr* Onwards

500 - 1450 Sq. Ft

Property Description

M3M Chamber 57: Best Business Address of the Thousand years City

One of the top real estate professionals, M3M, presents to you M3M Chamber 57, a phenomenal open door and a top notch business improvement in the center of Gurugram. This particular business idea is intended to give fantastic game plans of retail locations, bistros, and eating regions. This M3M property is irrefutably a magnum opus made to give shops an unmistakable retailing and business environment. Current in style, M3M Chamber Area 57 has been recognized for showing the dynamic quality and energy of youngsters and their undertakings. It would be exact to portray the spot as the best objective, where the evenings are similarly essentially as invigorating as the days and where you can appreciate nearly everything from bars, eateries, shops, and sporting exercises.

The essential goal in fostering a property like this was to fulfill the requirements and inclinations of the brand-and socially-cognizant twenty to thirty year olds. The rejuvenation of customary sorts of properties is important considering the unique changes in property patterns and business foundation. In light of this, M3M has made progressive retail locations in Gurgaon that are essential for a blended use project offering a wide combine of sporting exercises as one with shopping and living. It has concentrated completely on the idea that people these days are looking for inventive ways of sending off a business. Thusly, M3M Chamber 57 Gurgaon is a very good quality business property that is worth focusing on as the cutting edge improvement of Indian land. It is a wise speculation choice since the construction is intended to be progressively refined, strong, and worldwide.

Area Benefits

Discussing the M3M Chamber 57 area, the advancement is arranged in a space that will permit individuals to associate with different regions right away and thrive in a comprehensive way. The area, which is among the most quickly creating in India, is sparkling with shopping malls, prevalent offices, and sumptuous facilities. As well as being a famous area for metropolitan life, this region is likewise viewed as the city's primary place. As it is encircled by esteemed instructive foundations, retail outlets, data innovation parks, and medical services offices, it radiates refinement and notoriety. Public travel joins Area 57 to different region of the city quite well. It's easy to reach anyplace in Gurgaon and Delhi because of the closeness of the Huda Downtown area Metro Station.
Unrivaled Conveniences and Key Highlights

The objective of this business project in Gurgaon is to give customers and entrepreneurs an extraordinary shopping experience. It is a phenomenally planned High-Road Shopping Zone. The level of selectiveness, visual allure, and roominess have all been vigorously accentuated in this turn of events. The possibility of expansive lanes conveys an elite shopping experience while giving extraordinary perceivability as well as admittance to all retail regions. Moreover, wet parts, pedestrianized squares, explicit distinguishing signage, and it are given inside this complex to interface spans.

M3M Chamber Area 57 will oblige a great assortment of global brands and sporting pursuits under a solitary covering to make a multicultural climate. Moreover, you would without a doubt like the straightforward openness given by the quick lifts that ensure consistent up-down portability. There is sufficient space for the display, and since the retailers have clear openness all through the wide lanes and broad open regions, exhibiting brands and items is made more straightforward for them. The

construction's novel two-side section makes it achievable for the group to move around in this open turn of events. Discussing the M3M Chamber 57 story plan, this goliath project is one of the M3M's state of the art properties in Gurgaon and highlights triple-level retail on the ground level and F&B space on the second and third levels. A multipurpose corridor, gathering spaces, an encounter place, bistro, an open air pool deck, a squash court, a music room, a children's play region, a parlor, and various different conveniences are among the broad rundown of conveniences.

The metro foundation and bearableness record in Area 57 is ideal as it has expansive streets, very much arranged road lighting, and a solid sewer framework. With brilliant admittance to the remainder of the city through open transportation, the area is near a few comforts like parks, instructive foundations, and clinical offices. Putting resources into Area 57 would be an incredible choice as the business improvements get an astounding benefit of the great catchment. moreover, the environs are quiet which makes a serene climate. The lavish environmental factors and fast openness to fundamental necessities make it an optimal spot to remain or place your cash into.

Presently, assuming you want to encounter the best of eating, shopping, residing, and amusement, everything in one spot, book your top notch business space straight away at M3M Chamber 57. Gurgaon's Area 57 is a profoundly famous neighborhood with an abundance of a wide range of comforts and top of the line conveniences. Being a brilliant blend of both private and business space, it is an optimal spot to live. The region has versatile transportation networks that interface it to different region of the city. Various nurseries and broad green regions in the local deal local people an untainted and alleviating climate. One can most likely consider putting resources into Area 57 as it a protected and lovely spot to live or work a business. To find out about the M3M Chamber 57 installment plan, contact us and get the subtleties.


Sector 57, Gurugram

About Builder

Spread out in 2010, M3M India is an improvement story considering the situation with moral corporate association, straightforwardness, obligation and energy, driven by Basant Bansal, the Facilitator Head of M3M India. Basant Bansal - the Organizer Chief, and Roop Bansal and Pankaj Bansal - the Promotors of M3M India Get-together, have facilitated an uncommon vision for M3M India to make the Association one of the most sought after land facilitators in the country. With time, M3M India has arisen as an unquestionable advantage in the overabundance, private, and retail locales in realty in the country.
M3M India has around 50 undertakings surprisingly in Gurugram itself and conveyed all of the tasks moved off going before 2019. Development is going all out in various undertakings and the undertakings will be completely conveyed inside courses of events. At this moment, M3M India Party is glad to have in its kitty around 30 million square feet of saleable space.
The Association's strange activities have especially amassed beast interest from financial accomplices from India and abroad. The astounding activities of the M3M India Get-together, M3M Golfestate and Trump Apexes, in Gurugram have changed into the assertions of the norm of progress Gurugram has been tracking down in realty. M3M Golfestate - the 56-part of land super overabundance inn like arranged complex, is a cutting edge plan and has won different respected grants for being perhaps of the Most brilliant Abundance Endeavor in India and abroad.
With an emphasis on building a magnificent region - "M3M Talented City Delhi Air terminal", M3M India is encouraging a few ultra-excess private and extraordinary one-kilometer-long retail and business projects on Dwarka Highway.
With a dazzling district bank of 3,000 sections of land, M3M India manages the standards of 3Ts - Trust, Straightforwardness and Ideal vehicle. All over the place, the framework has been to collect a combined diagram where, from having district to developing, supporting, conveying off, moving, transport and after-deals, the total worth chain is coordinated inside. Dealing with these vital factors clearly close by saves time, expenses, and activities are better coordinated concerning work environments and checking.

Year 2022-23 - A time of progress and setting accomplishments
M3M India recorded the most raised at whatever point plans of Rs. 13,000 crores what's more sold a record space of around 10 million square feet in FY'23. The M3M India has correspondingly settled a standard by selling 6,380 units, both in private and business spaces, during the said cash related year. In FY'22, the Affiliation recorded plans of Rs. 5,422 crore and sold more than 4,000 units in the two pieces.
The Association selected by far most of its diagrams from private undertakings, which was 134% higher on a YoY premise. Business deals also rose 74% in FY'22. A record has other than been set by M3M India for selling private units and specialty units in FY'23, which were 55% and 65% higher, transparently.
Overall, Partnership sold 10 million square feet of room in FY'23, which is also around 72% higher when wandered from the FY'22 figure.
The Association moreover conveyed off first rate retail projects, as M3M Pearl on MG Street (covering the IFFCO metro station) and M3M Route65 on the Green Increase Street. M3M in like manner really conveyed different Private and Business projects, including M3M Broadway, Everything considered Cash related Center (IFC) and M3M Skywalk, to give a few models.

Year 2023-24 onwards - Set to move Dish India with presence in different metropolitan districts
M3M India has major areas of strength for a fixed in FY'24 with transportation off a mix of 10 ultra-extravagance private and business projects in Gurugram, Noida and Panipat, with an in standard saleable space of around 12 million square feet. The Association is expecting a topline of about Rs. 30,000 crores through these activities. In Noida, the Collusion has bought 2 land stores of 13 pieces of land and 3 parcels in Area 94 and Region 72, freely, with retail, business and studio lofts. M3M India has committed a speculation of Rs 7,500 crores in Uttar Pradesh in the genuinely ended for the day Money related help Finish 2023, which is the most brought experience communicated up in the land locale in Uttar Pradesh. Staying aware of its responsibility, the Union will contribute Rs. 1,850 crores in making the two undertakings, taking its rigid interest in UP to Rs. 3,300 crores out of Rs. 7500 crores really expressed.
M3M India has genuinely moved off Stage I of its at first plotted-progress project - 'M3M City of Dreams' in Panipat, Haryana, on the 350-segment of land pack, which will have a firm speculation of Rs. 27,00 crores, making it the best methodology in India. The Panipat project is given 900 plots in Stage I, going from 140 to 180 square yards, with a worth of Rs. 600 crores, out of which 436 plots have proactively been sold, with a general plans worth of Rs. 250 crore.

Occupations Creation - A piece of business framework
The land district is the second most perceptible boss in the nation, giving entrances for lovely work creation. Thusly, each undertaking of M3M India makes far in excess of business and occupation open entrances at various levels. Generally speaking, single undertaking produces work for around 5000 individuals at various levels till the task is truly conveyed. Post-headway besides, the undertakings make work in the space of customary assistance and other related affiliations.


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